January 11, 2013

Brand-New BATMAN DC COMICS Toys and Merchandise Coming Out Soon - Made By Funko

The other day, while gliding through my local Target Store, I noticed an unusual item in their "Bookstore" area, a set of Disney POP! Heroes Bookmarks. Now, I knew that this company also had the license to make DC Comics characters but only saw Disney/Pixar items. So, when I got home last night I decided to check out the Official Funko Website ( they're the company that makes these ) to see if there were some "Batman" ones. The answer is... "Yes! They made ones of Batman and the Joker!" Here's a pic:

Then, I discovered a few more brand-new Batman items that are coming out in early 2013 ( To be exact - Jan, Feb, & March  ). First, there's this Batman Character Lamp. I wish this thing was HUGE, that would be way cooler, but these are really kinda small. But they're great for a little Kid's bedroom or an Adult's Office Space.

Next up is one of those POP! Heroes Figures but this one is a USB / MP3 Audio Speaker that you can hook-up to your iPod,  iPhone, or MP3 Player.

The next 2 pics show an unusual item coming out too. These are some POP! Heroes Figures that are a mash-up between DOMO & Batman. They're called ( Duh! ) "Domo Batman" and "Domo Dark Knight". I actually kind of like the blue version.

OK, the last 2 photos here are an item that's been out awhile, the DC Universe Mini-Wacky Wobblers 4-Pack, and a prototype graphics for some future items. We have featured the mini-wobblers here a few months ago but this pic shows the packaging & I can't remember if we had a picture of the box from back then.

Then, here's that 2nd set of items I'm talking about, the Wisecrackers Statues. Anyone who grew-up in the 1960's or 70's might remember these weird statues. They usually had a generic super-cute character with a phrase on the base that said something dumb like, "I Wuv You This Much" ( and their arms would be wide open, ha ha ).

Well, Funko has plans to make some based on DC Comics Superheroes & Villains ( they have already released some Star Wars ones, they're adorable in a very sick twisted way). Oh yeah, I guess they're making MARVEL Comics characters too because there's the Amazing Spider-Man, ha ha!

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