December 9, 2012


Fans of the BAT-BLOG who have reading our website recently all know we have been having a Free Book Give-Away for the last 10 days or so. Well, the contest ended the other night & late last night we picked a Winner!!

The book we're talking about is THE LAW OF SUPERHEROES and it's an excellent book! It takes the concept of, "What if comic book superheroes existed in real-life and then how would laws affect them. In other words, what would their legal rights be?" We wanna thank Gotham Books ( Penguin Group ) for donating a copy. This was very generous & we always love having wacky contests here. Also, we wanna thank everyone who entered. There were quite a few of you, but as always, there can be only one winner.

OK, drum roll please! The WINNER of THE LAW OF SUPERHEROES Hardback Book with Dust-Jacket is... William Thomas McLeod from Taylorville, IL. Yes!! Tom, you are a WINNER, Sir!! Please keep an eye out for an email from us where we will be confirming your mailing address. Once we have that info all arranged we will be mailing this baby to you right away!!

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