December 29, 2012


How do I start this post? Here at the Bat-Blog we have a friend named Anthony, who is a Joker Cosplayer who recreates his version of the Joker with a costume and make-up that is extremely well done. Anyway, he is now apart of a brand-new project where a group of film makers are trying to launch a web series called, THE BATMAN CHRONICLES. We have a few photos here to show how cool it will be but the real test is to watch the official teaser trailer. Oh man, it looks really GREAT!!

So, please join us in helping them fulfill their dream. The people hoping to put this together have started a fundraiser website to acquire the money to do all this. In other words, it's an Indegogo page where you can donate and they also have a facebook page where you can get updates, links down below:

THE BATMAN CHRONICLES - Indiegogo (Donate)
THE BATMAN CHRONICLES - Facebook  (Join Up!)

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