December 27, 2012

RACK TOYS - A New Book For Vintage Toy Collectors

Here's some information about a brand-new book coming out ( actually you can order it right now ) that a ton of serious Vintage Toy Collectors are gonna want, it's all about RACK TOYS! You remember these. They had colorful packaging and hung from your Grocery or Drug Store shelves ( my childhood memory was mostly seeing these toys at my local 7-eleven and I always went nuts for them ). They were designed to entice you while you sat in your parent's shopping cart. 

Some Vintage Toy Collectors call these "shut-up toys" because, often, these terribly made playthings were low-priced enough to wear down even the most frugal adult and were most likely forgotten or broken by the time you left the parking lot. 

"RACK TOYS: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" is a love letter to re-purposed, illogically licensed toys that were not meant to be remembered. 

I have a few of these items in my Personal Toy Collection, mostly Batman ( of course ) but also some with Underdog Cartoon Graphics, Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of The Lost, and TV's Star Trek.

Shipping now, this 144 page book describes itself as “a celebration of fun toys that broke super easy” and breaks it’s subject matter into categories such as Science Fiction, Monsters, Superheroes, Generic Rack Toys, Knock Offs and demonstrates  how these odd toys are actually more fun because of their illogical and sometimes, thoughtless nature.

“Even as kids we knew that the Incredible Hulk didn’t need a helicopter and that Dr Zauis from Planet of Apes had no business floating down on a parachute” explains Rack Toys author Brian Heiler “However, that didn’t stop us from having a fun afternoon with them, until they got stuck in a tree that is.”

Rack Toys is available for $19.95 at or through the book’s official website:

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