December 6, 2012


Here's a quick post to share these wonderful pics sent in to us by a Bat-Blog Fan named Paul. He wanted to share that he recently found this brand-new set of BATMAN CARS at his local Target Store. This is a 5-pack of Matchbox Diecast Cars that are all decorated with  "Batman Theme" artwork. It's kinda weird that none of these cars are an actual Batmobile. But hey, they're still cool!

Speaking of Batmobiles... Also at Target. It looks like Mattel has re-released their HOT WHEELS BATMAN: DARK KNIGHT Movie 5-Pack that comes with a Bat-Copter ( weird, NOT in the film ), The Joker Hot Rod Car ( Also, NOT in the film, ha ha ), a Black Tumbler Batmobile, Gotham City Police Car, and a GCPD Bank Truck. I gotta say that I totally love that Jokermobile, very cool! Also, I was at Target a few days ago and they had a TON of these so they should be semi-easy to find. ( Thanks Paul for sending the great pics! ).

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