December 3, 2012


Since it is the Holiday Season ( Bah, Humbug! ) I thought I'd share these photos of a few brand-new Batman items that are out there now that would make fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Batman Fans & Toy Collectors. The idea for this post actually came about because a friend on Facebook sent me a link to the Toys-R-Us website that featured a very cute toy car of Commissioner Jim Gordan's Gotham City Police Car ( Thanks Melissa ). This toy is kinda goofy and it's so unusual that I know I'm gonna have to add it to my personal collection. Anyways, while there at the site I surfed for more Batman goodies and discovered a ton of fresh items I have not seen yet. Here's a small list:

DC Super Friends THE JOKER FUN HOUSE GAME by Fisher-Price. Now, we have mentioned this item here at the Bat-Blog before but their site had a great photo of the contents to the game, looks fun! Also, I totally love the graphics on the box.

Next up is that "Gotham City Police Car" we mentioned with Jim Gordon driving ( that cracks me up! ). This is a part of the Mattel's DC SUPER FRIENDS toy line.

Then, check out this little kid. Oh man, he's crazy for Batman in this cute one piece outfit with hat. I wonder if they make that thing in MY size, ha ha.

The next two items are related to the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD TV Cartoon. Yes, this animated series is not on the air anymore but is still a really great version of the character. Plus, for many small children he is their version of Batman! The 2 items include an Action Figure Motorcycle Vehicle called "Asphalt Assault" Bat-Cycle. Then, my favorite, is this Batman-head Flashlight.

OK, last but not least, is an item I know I would have totally loved a s a kid. Here's a very cool "Arts and Craft" item featuring Batman Characters with artwork you can color and a really cool Drawing Kit you can tote around. The "coloring pages" are on a big roll and you color one scene, then move on to the next... fun!

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