December 12, 2012

Check out This EVOLUTION OF THE BATMAN Limited-Edition Fine Art Print

Over at the CALM THE HAM website they have a special Limited-Edition Fine Art Print titled, "Evolution of Batman" which covers the basic history of the famous Batman Bat-Symbol Logos used over the years. There are three sizes available for this poster/print.

Each poster is stamped and numbered by the artist, Cathryn Lavery, from a limited first edition of 250.

Also, this poster is pressed with the best pigment inks on premium archival photographic paper with satin finish (not too glossy, not too dull, just perfect).

For ordering information, just CLICK HERE!


Nathan Newell said...

This looks great, but a couple of the bat-symbols are incorrectly labelled. The first Legends of the Dark Knight bat-symbol should be dated 1989, while the second one is actually from Dark Knight Returns and should be dated 1986. Hopefully they catch that error before it goes to press!

Great poster otherwise, though!

Jeff Cooke said...

Hey man! It's been a while but I'm back to focusing on the Bat! :)