November 5, 2012

Some Brand-New BATMAN TOYS and COLLECTIBLES To Keep an Eye Out For!

Here's just a quick post to share a few brand-new BATMAN TOYS and COLLECTIBLES you can find in stores right now! 

The 1st pic is a new brand of DC Comics Dog Toys you can find at Petco Stores. The Batman Plush is about 11" tall and they have other characters too. The other toy is sort of a tough nylon-cloth Fling-Frisbee thing, it measures about 7" across. I got these as a gift ( Thanks Cyndi! ) but plan on going to Petco to see what other items they have. So, stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM for more information.

Then, here is something kind of fun! This is a small BATMAN "Comix Mix" Candy Box that you can find really cheap at Dollar General Stores. They sell these loose in a display box and they also have Superman, The Flintstones, The Justice League, Scooby Doo, and Tom & Jerry.

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Dr. OTR said...

The Batman (and Superman) dog toys are on clearance at my local PetCo. I bought two of the "dolls" for my daughter -- sure, they're really dog toys, but except for the fact that they squeak when you squeeze their tummies, they look just like regular toys. Anyway, better buy one soon if you want one, since they're on clearance.