October 11, 2012

Very Cool VINTAGE BATMAN TOYS From Belgium!!

Check out these really great photos of some ultra-cool ( and VERY ULTRA-RARE ) Vintage Batman Toys a friend of ours shared with us on Facebook. His name is Jean-Baptise and he lives all the way in Belgium ( a beautiful place ).

There are 4 pics of 3 collectibles ( 2 of them I have never seen before ). What I'm talking about is the BATMAN "Penguin Van" in Original Box ( 1970's? ) and the BATMAN Toy Handgun. Crazy!! Then, there's also a beautiful BATMAN Twin-Engine Bat-Plane Toy. Jean asked us if anyone knows who made the plane so if you do then please share the info with us. Personally, I think it might have been made by the Irwin Toy Company but that's just a guess. Oh yeah, Please be sure to click on these pics for larger versions.

Anyways, we wanna thank Jean-Baptise for sharing these fun pics... GREAT BAT-STUFF!!

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