October 17, 2012


I started to notice a small trend of "Batmobile Batman Car" photos in my special Bat-Folder so that became the idea for this post. Actually, these pics are very cool and a lot of fun so I think it might work, ha! Plus, these pics were all submitted by Bat-Blog Fans so that makes them even more special for me.

The 1st pic is an amazing Store Display created at some store to help sell more Halloween Candy. It kinda looks like the one from the 1989 BATMAN Movie with Michael Keaton, very AWESOME!!

Next up is a Customized Smart Car ( or is that a Golf Cart??? Ha Ha! ). It looks great either way. I love the Bat-Fins, ha!

Then, here's a Vintage Photo (screenshot) from a day of shooting Adam West during the 1960's BATMAN Film. The famous scene where, "Someday you just can't get rid of a bomb", was filmed on Stern's Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA. In fact, I just visited that location a few days ago on a wacky vacation to Cali for a week. The weird thing is that they do not mention this fact in their brochures. Not sure why. It's weird, you think they would capitalize on that. 

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