September 10, 2012

Vintage 1966 BATMAN BAT-CAVE TOY Photo Reference

Here at the Bat-Blog we are Vintage BATMAN Toy Collectors who love finding super-rare items and seeing pieces of memorabilia we have never seen before. Here's a great example. OK, I have been an extremely serious bat-Collector for over 20 years, and have a deep love of the 60's stuff, and I have NEVER seen this cool Cardboard BAT-CAVE PLAY SET!! Look at it, it's so awesome!! I love the retro-style graphics and I'm also wondering what the story is on this item?? Is it "Foreign-made"?? Like, maybe from Canada or England? If it is a "USA piece", then I have never seen this super-fun Batcave!!

Whoops, I should also say that those "Batman Pajamas" are really really great too!!

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Unknown said...


It is American. I have one that I had as a child. Mine is not in the condition as the one in the photo. It is intact but has been written/drawn on with magic markers. It of course has aged and the print is not as bright and the cardboard has darkened. I remember playing in my bat cave for many hours. I have kept it all these years because of the memories it holds.