September 7, 2012

The BATMAN Bat-Symbol Logo is Everywhere!!

Bat-Blog Readers are the best! One cool thing they do is share their love of the Batman character with us and we totally appreciate that! So, this post is all about different Fans spotting the Bat-Symbol in many unusual places.

The 1st pic is a from a guy named Bobby. It shows a guy who is extremely dedicated to the Dark Knight. In fact, he shaved his chest to look like the bat-logo, ha!

Next up is a beautiful holiday decorating job by our friend John. Every Halloween he puts this Bat-Symbol up in the Circular-Window of his House, perfect!! Hey John, I think you should leave it up all year!

Then, the last 2 pics were submitted by our friend Christopher. This is the Bat-Quesadilla, looks yummy! Then, he spotted this strange "shadow" in his bathroom ( OK, this one seems kinda fake, maybe?? ).

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