September 30, 2012


This post is all about a friend of the Bat-Blog named Yuri Ozeryan. He runs a small Documentary Movie Production Company called YUR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS ( The Staff includes him and his Girlfriend, Natalie ) and they are currently working on a documentary about the real-life "Batman", Lenny B Robinson.

You may have heard about Lenny when he was pulled over by the Police driving a Lamborghini in Maryland, while dressed in a Bat-Suit!  At the time He was on his way to a Children's Hospital and he is truly a real-life hero. He's a successful Business Man who does various Charity Events all over the country to help make sick kids feel better.  His house is covered in Batman Memorabilia, he probably has over 10 Custom-Made Batman Suits, and he even has a Custom Batmobile. Yes, his life is literally the life of Bruce Wayne!

Anyway, we want to let Readers know they can follow all of the behind the scene events as they unfold on the Official YUR MEDIA PRODUCTIONS Facebook Page ( just click on their name ). Then, if you would like to learn more about Lenny and his wonderful Charity Events for Children, please be sure to visit SUPERHEROESFORKIDS.ORG

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