September 18, 2012


Long Time Fans and Readers of the BAT-BLOG.COM know we have a Friend in New Jersey named Louie who has an amazing 1966 Batmobile Replica Car. We have featured it many times here and it's always really great to see. But here's a wonderful story that happened at a HUGE Car Show in Sayreville, NJ earlier this week ( That's where Jon Bon Jovi lives, ha! ) . Now, if you look at the 1st two photos you can see Louie's '66 Batmobile Car as it appeared at the event, it looks great! Then, there's another pic of him with his Giant-Size 65-Inches Tall Trophy. OK, it's totally great that Louie won the show, we're proud of him, but the really beautiful part of the whole thing is how he got to help make a Little Kid's night a night he'll never forget.

Up above is a photo of a Brave Little Kid who is battling Brain Cancer with complete dignity. We're really proud of him. He and his family were there and this 6 year old boy is a BIG Batman Fan!! So, Louie gladly gave the little guy a very special Batmobile experience with his dad looking on. This is the kind of uplifting stuff that the general public just doesn't get to see. This kid was, seriously, on Cloud Nine!! We hope and know he's going to make a great recovery. He just has to and we want to wish the best of luck for him & his Family. I'd also like to thank Louie, BatDave ( Bat-Ace Reporter, Photographer ), and his Girlfriend Lisa for sharing this special story. This is the kinda stuff that restores my faith in people.

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Possumqueen said...

That is a great story. Every now and then we all need to see there are still good humans on this planet!