September 8, 2012

Jeff's New 1966 BATMAN TV Show BATMOBILE Replica Car!!

Our good friend John Brown, of Gotham City Super Cars ( shown up above ), recently celebrated the completion of another 1966 Batmobile Replica Car he made. The new owner is a mutual friend of ours named Jeff. He lives in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. So now you know that town will be safe from crime! Actually, I think Jeff has plans to use it as a way to help children charities raise money. That's always a great thing to do and we totally love that. Congratulations Jeff on the new Batmobile and it looks amazing! 

( Yeah, I'm jealous, JEALOUS!! Also, Thanks to NJ's BatDave for sharing all these great pics )

As a side-note:
Please be sure to check out the next post for Desktop Wallpapers featuring more pics of this incredible '66 Batmobile Car!!

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