September 13, 2012

DIEGO THE BAT-HOUND Enjoying a Photo of Himself Admiring Himself

YES! We just got a new fun photo from one of our favorite Batman Fans, named DIEGO The Bat-Hound!! This little guy is crazy for the Caped Crusader but we're also starting to think he might admire himself a little bit more, ha ha! 

OK, This photo up above need a little explaining so please try to follow. It all began when we posted a picture of Diego wearing his cool Batman Costume. He looked so cute and the pic is kinda funny. Then, later, when he saw this pic on the Bat-Blog he just totally admired himself online and that's another photo. Both of these pics are down below. Well, now, the photo up above is himself admiring the photo of himself admiring himself, make sense? Yeah, Diego is wacky!! But he's a cool guy for sharing these wonderful pics. We love you Diego!

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