September 16, 2012

Brand-New BATMAN TOYS in Stores Now!!

The cool thing about this post is all these photos were submitted by Bat-Blog Readers, awesome! But basically, here are a few pieces of brand-new BATMAN Merchandise that are in stores now. The 1st pic might seem familiar, this is a new BATMAN Hot Wheels Ballistiks Toy Car made by Mattel. Last month or so they came out with some of these that were Batman ( black color version ) and Bane. They were inspired by THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. This new one is the classic "Blue/Grey/Yellow" color combination that you see in the older comic books.

Next up is a pic from a Friend on Facebook. He saw this new BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Toy Vehicle Set and thought Bat-Blog Fans might enjoy seeing it. He's right, this thing is pretty cool. This boxed set includes 3 Batman Vehicles: The Treadator, Batcycle, and Attack Copter. The weird thing is that none of these actually appeared in the movie. But, on their own, they're kinda neat. They're also a TARGET Store Exclusive.

Next up is a Batman Figure ( also a Target Exclusive ) that has a "Halloween Holiday" theme. It's crazy!! Now I know there are a ton of collectors out there who collect Halloween items so this should sell easily to them too. Personally, I like the Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Graphics, a lot! So, have YOU seen any new batman products worth mentioning? If so then please let us know. Remember, the Bat-Blog is all about the joys of collecting bat-stuff and sharing the love of the hobby.

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