August 3, 2012

THE DARK NIGHT RISES - Funny Humor with Batman, Catwoman, and Bane!

This is a quick post to share some totally hilarious photos that are all related to the new Batman Movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! The 1st two sort of need explaining but they're both pretty funny! 

This 1st image was created by our Friend Sean Hartter. He's a talented Graphic Artist and he did this excellent parody of what a "Dark Knight Rises" VHS Video Tape Cover would look like if they made one, ha ha!

Next up is a photo from our Friend Erik, who I think is an Architecture Student. Which leads me to the explanation: Catwoman is "CAD-WOMAN", you see, she uses the CAD software program to create building blueprints!

The last two pics don't need explaining. They're also both BANE related, enjoy!

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