August 4, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Batman Themed Home Movie Theater Man Cave

Check out the photos up above & please be sure to click on them for larger HD versions. This is a special room in my new house. I recently remodeled my basement into a Bat-Cave & I gotta say it looks pretty awesome!! OK, this is NOT my house but a man can dream, right? 

Basically, it's a Super Batman-Themed Home Movie Theater, or... the Ultimate Man Cave! One nice feature is a Set of Fake Bookcases that slide open by remote to reveal another room next to this one that has a Tumbler Batmobile (Replica) Garage! 

There are also some some amazing Life-Size Batman Statues, a Bat-Computer Set-Up, Gothic-Style Lighting, Custom Railing with Film Bat-Symbol Logos, and then just look at the screen itself... AMAZING!! Oh man, how much did this cost? LOL!! Now, I'm not really sure what company did all this but they did an incredible job. One thing I can say though is that the special Leather Chairs were supplied by ELITE Home Theater Seating. OK, I'm just going to go cry now.

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