August 26, 2012

The BATMAN Bat-Symbol Logo is EVERYWHERE!!

Just one of the reasons Batman is so cool is because you can see his Bat-Symbol Logo in almost every shape, size, and form. Here are some wonderful examples:

First, This is Lillian. She's an extremely Cool Kid & she is also a HUGE Batman Fan! In fact, here she is wearing her Pink Batman T-Shirt. She loves the Classic TV Show and her favorite character is Catwoman. Plus, just look at that cute smile, she's totally adorable!!

Next up is a funny picture taken by our friend Cyndi. These are her 2 small dogs who both love Batman. But, Diego must like Batman more because he insists on wearing his Batman Costume all the time, ha!!

The last 2 shots are pretty self-explanatory. They are both some recent sightings of the classic bat-symbol. 

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