August 22, 2012

New BATMAN Lamp and Home Accessories Coming Soon!

Yeah, the title says "coming soon" but I guess I'm hyping it a little bit, sorry. Here are some brand-new BATMAN Home Furnishings that will be coming out in November, 2012. OK, that's about 3 months from now but it's always good to know about these things in advance so you can budget your money, ha!

A company I have never heard of, Westland Giftware, is making a ton of cool Batman-related products and this post just covers a few of them. These are the"home decor" items; but this company will also be making Cookie Jars & Snow Globes too. Please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM  for many more pics we will post in the next day or two.

Whoops, I got so excited I almost forgot to talk about these, ha ha! OK, check out the majestic beauty of this cool Batman Lamp. It's gonna have a retail price of around $55.00. Then there's a fun Night Light ( $16 ) and a Retro-Style Wall Clock ( $25 ). Like I said, November... just in time for Christmas!

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