August 6, 2012


OK, This is a totally hilarious piece of original Bat-History right here. A Bat-Blog Fan, who wishes to remain anonymous ( we respect that ), sent us this copy of a petition some very serious people ( I think in Canada ) started back in the late 1980's when they heard the news that Michael Keaton was chosen as the Actor to play the role of "Batman" in the upcoming 1989 BATMAN Movie. 

Now, how funny is this? The irony of course is that Mr. Keaton totally blew everybody away with his performance & turned out to be a really good Dark Knight!

It Reads:

"It has recently been announced that the Actor MICHAEL KEATON has been chosen to play the BATMAN in the big budget film being directed by TIM ( BEETLEJUICE ) BURTON for release in 1989 ( the 50th Anniversary of the BATMAN ). If the Producers of this movie are truly committed to leaving the camp image of the 60's TV Show behind and presenting to the world the DEFINITIVE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE they can't allow MICHAEL KEATON to play this role!! Don't get me wrong,  KEATON is a fine comedy actor who has done exemplary in the past in such films as BEETLEJUICE, MR. MOM, NIGHT SHIFT, etc.. but he's defiantly not the sort of imposing figure needed to define the ultimate creature of the night, the BATMAN! Help us to stop this ridiculous decision before filming starts in December/--88 Sign the petition below and let's bring the folks at Warner Brothers Films to their senses!

We, the undersigned, strongly insist that the decision to cast MICHAEL KEATON as the BATMAN is a major mistake and must be reversed before filming starts on BATMAN: THE MOVIE!!"

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Stuart said...

hahaha shows how much us fanboys know eh?