August 13, 2012


OK, I guess these photos were sent to me as a form of torture! ( Ha Ha! Just kidding! ) Actually these pics were shared by a friend of ours named Kuan who lives in Singapore. He was kind enough to share a part of his Vintage BATMAN Toy Collection with us and there is some amazing stuff here! Oh man, just look at all the Tin Toy Battery-Operated (Japan) Batmobiles... SO COOL! 

He also likes to collect action figures and there are some really nice ones here. I should also add that he likes to create Custom Figures ( or maybe he just buys them already made, I forgot to ask ). Stuff like, "Ernie and Bert as Batman and Robin" or "Simpsons Characters in Bat-Suits", how fun!! Thank you Kuan, you have some super great stuff here and I really appreciate you taking the time to take these wonderful pics. yeah, I'm gonna go cry now.


Great Toys For Boys said...

These are amazing!

Kuan said...

About a dozen of the Batman and Robin figures are custom, scratch build and hand paint. Some Comic version were paint into 66's TV version. I enjoy and having a lot more fun doing it. Always love 1966
Batman and Robin Figures and Batmobile.
Enjoy and Happy collecting!