July 13, 2012

Wonderful Photos From a BATMAN-Themed Wedding!

This is the kind of fun heart-warming story that I enjoy posting because it means a lot to me that there are BAT-BLOG Fans out there who are willing to share such personal moments. This is a great, check it out!!

Here are some photos sent in to us by our Friend Joe & his lovely bride. They just recently got married ( Congratulations! ) and they had a "Batman-Themed" Wedding! Now, Joe explained some of the things you'll see in the pics and said, 

"My Wife ( who is seemingly normal, ha ha ) puts up with all my nonsense with a smile on her face.  Next week, we'll be on our Honeymoon in Costa Rica, and she agreed that we can go see the Dark Knight Rises movie... ON OUR HONEYMOON! The woman is truly amazing. I wanted to share a few pictures of our happy day with a few ( tasteful ) splashes of Batman. The Wedding Cake was from the rehearsal dinner, the Bride and Bat-Groom Cake Topper was made by one of her friends, and the Batman and Robin shirts are me and my two Best Men.  All of the Groomsmen also had Batman Cuff Links, and the Garter was Batman as well.  Of course, we entered the reception to the Batman theme!"

OK Readers, I told you this was pretty cool didn't I? I wanna thank Joe & his Lovely Wife for sharing this special day with us, that's awesome and I also want to wish them the best of luck in their new life together.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know where they got that wedding cake topper? Or was it customized?