July 24, 2012

Vintage BATMAN Japanese Tin Toy Robots and Batmobile Cars

OK, This photo is just complete torture for me but it's still great to see some amazing Vintage 1960's Japanese Batman Toys!! The Guy on the right is our Good Friend Yuji who, if I remember right, lives in Dubai. Anyway he recently traveled to Japan to photograph this guy's BATMAN Tin Toy Collection. This Toy Collector has some extremely RARE and insane stuff, "Museum Pieces" actually! Shown here are just a few tiny examples of Tin Toy Robots and Battery-Operated Batmobile Cars. Yuji shot the stuff on Digital Video because he's working on a "Batman Toy Collecting" Documentary. We can't wait to see it!!

One last thing, please click the photo up above for a larger HD version. Warning: YOU WILL CRY!!


Ed "ICE" Berg said...

I'm droolin' :-)

dodi said...

what is the name of the red car that he's holding to?