July 30, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at The Movie Drive-In!!

"Hey, Let's All Go To The Lobby, Let's All Go To The Lobby..."

 These photos are great for two reasons: 1. The Costumes look great! We have Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn right here!! 2. They were shot at a Vintage-Style Movie Drive-In! I totally love those places, "Hey Mom, we're sitting IN the car AND watching a movie!". The audio was always kinda crappy but just the joy of going with a bunch of friends and having your own space was always good times. Plus, you ALWAYS had to go hit the concession stand for munchies, ha! Very cool!

 Whoops, did I mention that Batman here is our friend William? Yes, This is him & his Wife ( I think, maybe? ), with another friend, and they all went in costume to go see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at their local drive-in. Oh man, I bet if kids were there they went totally insane, ha! ( Thanks William for sharing your wonderful photos )

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