July 6, 2012

New 2012 BATMAN 6 Volt Ride-On BATMOBILE CAR Coming Soon!

Batman Fans and Toy Collectors of all ages are going to be pretty excited about this news, I know I am! Later this year Toys-R-Us will be selling a brand-new BATMAN Batmobile Ride-On Toy Car! It's going to have a retail price of around $150.00 ( not a bad price ) and will be available in August, 2012.


ablackwell221 said...

Holy smokes!! Do we have an approximate ETA for this toy!? My daughter's birthday is in August-MUST. HAVE. RIDE-ON. BATMOBILE!! xD

Anonymous said...

where can I purchase one once they are released?

Anonymous said...

Just ordered this from Toys R Us today and got 20% off since my purchase was over $100. So excited to save this for Christmas for my little bitty Batman fanatic!