July 11, 2012


MEOW! Check out these amazing pics sent to us by a lovely Woman named Lana Marie. Her hobby and passion is Superhero Cosplay and She's really serious about it! I mean, just look at the photos. This is her most recent costume creation, the Anne Hathaway version of CATWOMAN that we will all be seeing in the next Batman film, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Her costume looks really great and I must say right here that she completely makes all this stuff herself. So, she's both beautiful AND talented :) 

In fact, Lana said she is now working on next costume which will be based on the Tim Burton BATMAN RETURNS version of this character. You know, the leather cat-suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer. Wow, we can't wait to see that! 

OK, back to this pics. The photos were professionally shot by her friends, Jamie & Ann of Luxe Productions. That explains the cool sets & excellent lighting. OK Readers, if you would like to follow Lana's further adventures then please be sure to check out these 2 sites, in a non-stalker kinda way of course, ha! ( Thanks Lana )

twitter: @lanacosplay

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