July 21, 2012

BATMAN VIDEO - 1966 Batmobile Vehicle Featured on STAR CARS!!

At the CRAVE ONLINE website they have a cool new Video Series called "STAR CARS" where, each episode, they focus on a famous TV or Movie Related Vehicle. In Episode #2, shown here, Reporter Athena Stamos interviews Nate Truman. Nate owns a beautiful 1966 BATMOBILE Replica Car that he built himself and you can really see the love that went into it. Plus, it's the "Adam West TV Show" vehicle so it's extremely AWESOME! 

Please check out the video down below & then click this link to the STAR CARS Facebook Page. If you're a member of that site then please be sure to join-up because they plan on having many more cool TV & Movie-Related Cars in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I made the famous bat-blog! www.starcarcentral.com is the site I started to find and collect all the famous movie cars I could think of, and then get them all out on the road for the fans to enjoy! We do lots of charity appearances year round, parades etc. Special bat points for anyone who spotted the bat lawn mower, or the Gotham City 14 miles sign! TO THE BATMOBILE!