July 27, 2012

BATMAN NEWS - Christain Bale Visits Memorial Site in Aurora, Colorado

The BAT-BLOG reported the other day about Christian Bale's visit to a Colorado Hospital where he met a few of the people who were injured during the recent Aurora Movie Theater Tragedy. Mr. Bale had done this on his own & was not representing Warner Bros or anybody else, except himself. WOW! What an extremely generous & cool thing to do. 

Well, he also made a short appearance at the Memorial Site. He placed some flowers there and greeted a few family members to give his condolences. Again, a very classy thing to do. We're all really proud to be Batman Fans right now and I also know that we will all get over this event someday. It might take time, but like they say, "Time Heals". Thank you Mr. Bale.

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