June 28, 2012


I love to meet Batman Fans from around the Globe because it blows my mind how popular the character is all over the world. Here's some fun examples of some cool people I have met and photos they recently shared.

First up, Check out this Large BATMAN Store Display Poster our friend Paul got from a Hallmark Store in Canada. The artwork is great but I also love the French language. This was from the recent "Father's Day" promo. ( Thanks Paul )

Next, Believe it or not but this Bat-Bike is a Bumper Car Vehicle you can ride in Italy! Yes, our friend Massimo shot this pic just the other day. How cool is that?! As a little kid I would have ran to that one right away!( Thanks Massimo )

Last, but not least, is a funny photo from our Buddy Erik who lives in Denmark. Well, this is a photo of a cool Batman Toy Figure he stuck on his car. The 1st pic shows a close-up of the product and then you can see what he did. He now has BATMAN as a Hood Ornament, Hilarious!! OK, I would be worried somebody would just steal it, ha! But I'm sure he only did it for display. ( Thanks Erik )

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