June 22, 2012

THE TUMBLER TOUR Hits Montreal Canada!

I have been meaning to post these photos for a few days but just keep getting side-tracked. But I'm happy to be finally posting them now. These were sent to us a few days ago by a major Batman Fan named Paul who lives in Canada. Paul was lucky enough to get to see the TUMBLER TOUR while it was in Montreal and he shot us these incredible photos at the event. As you can see they had the original Tumbler Batmobile Car AND the Bat-Pod Motorcycle, both of which can be seen in THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie. These vehicles will also make an appearance in the next "RISES" film. ( We can't wait to see that! ) Oh yeah, he had a great time and it's funny, he wore his Classic 1966 Batmobile T-Shirt. Heck yeah Paul, Representin'!! Also, Thanks for sharing your fun pics, I appreciate that very much.

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Justen said...

How about those shirts the girls are wearing. Those look pretty cool.