June 19, 2012

NJ SUPER MEGA SHOW & COMIC FEST - Batman Batmobile and Bat-Vehicle Coverage!

Recently, some Loyal Bat-Blog Readers sent us some amazing photos from the SUPER-MEGA SHOW & COMIC FEST that happened in New Jersey on June 9th & 10th. Here are some pics from our Good Pal & Ace Bat-Reporter BatDave and we'll be sharing even more later. These sort of focus on the Batman Bat-Vehicles that were there and they had an amazing assortment! 

OK, Outside ( right near the front door! ), they had a beautiful pair of 1966 BATMAN TV Show Replicas: The '66 Batmobile and Bat-Cycle!! Also appearing at the show was Captain Gene Nock who brought his Original 1960's Batman Movie Batcopter, also known as the N3079G!! 

Oh yeah hold on, one last thing! The Actor Robert Vaughn, who was a Special Guest at the show and you might remember him from THE MAN FROM UNCLE 60's TV Series, was kind enough to pop outside and get into our friend John's 1966 Batmobile for a photo op! As you can imagine everyone loves to sit inside that car and, sometimes, it's even kind of hard to get them to get out of it, ha ha!

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