June 2, 2012

New UK Book - HOLY FRANCHISE, BATMAN! By Gary Collinson

I just got some news about a brand-new "Batman Movie & TV History" Book titled, "Holy Franchise, Batman!", which was written by Gary Collinson. The book covers the ENTIRE film and television history of the character. We're talking from the 1940's Serials to Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan, and all of the animated TV cartoons. It even has a full episode guide for the 1966 Adam West and Burt Ward TV Series. 

One thing though, I think this book will only be available in the UK & I'm guessing it will be available on UK Amazon? Sorry, Publisher didn't share many details. But one thing I do know is that the release date is June 29th, 2012. Also, sorry my description is kinda vague but the Publisher never sent me a Review Copy either. So, I can't really review it or anything. But it sounds like a fun book, especially for fans of the bat-films.

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