June 13, 2012

Franchi's BAT-PUFFS BATMAN CEREAL BOX - Inspired by Adam West!

OK, We know the BAT-BLOG.COM is popular for finding out about brand-new Batman Merchandise and Toys that are hitting the market soon, or are in stores now. But we need to warn you DO NOT rush out right now to your local Grocery Store to hunt this down! No, this is a total "Fantasy Piece" created by our Friend and Graphic Designer, Christopher Franchi. 

It's a Fake Mock-Up of a BATMAN Cereal Box they should have made many years ago... or even made today! Check it out, BAT-PUFFS: BREAKFAST CEREAL! The artwork is wonderful, the design is dead-on, but we gotta say we love that little BATMAN CAR Toy Prize. Yes, that would have been an amazing Cereal Premium!

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