June 6, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES CATWOMAN - Costume Cosplay by Kimberly Moore!

Over at the Official BAT-BLOG.COM Facebook Fan Page ( LINK on the far right-hand side of this page ) we recently met a nice Cosplay-Girl ( I mean, Woman, ha! ) from New Jersey who is totally into creating Comic Book-Related Costumes. Her name is Kimberly Moore. She goes to a lot of Comic Cons and has been seen parading as Sue Storm ( Fantastic Four ), Harley Quinn ( Joker's Girlfriend ), and even Jessica Rabbit, among others. Well, here are some photos of her recent creation she's working on, a CATWOMAN Cat-Suit like the one worn by Anne Hathaway in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie.

The Clothing & Accessories here all look really great! I like the mask/belt and totally love the boots! I'm always impressed with how serious the Cosplay people are with very fine details. These photos were shot last weekend at the 2012 Philadelphia Comic Con put on by Wizard World, what some people call, "The Philly Show". She appears in some of the pics with other Cosplayers and when I asked her if she knew any of them this is what she said, 
"The Gentleman who cosplayed as Bane is named Iam Priceless, The Joker is  Matt Indiana McIntyre, Batman is Dan Petruccio and Robin is played by Joe Petruccio."
Hey Kim, The Costume looks amazing, great job! Also, Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. We hope to see more of your work in the future.


CrimsonDreams said...

Where did you get the boots?

Anonymous said...

Amazing Catwoman costume!! Does Kimberly take orders?