June 10, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Brand New BATMAN Movie Products To Look Out For Soon!

OK, I predicted about a year ago that when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES comes out there will be an insane amount of Consumer Products & Bat-Merchandise. Well, I was right! ( It's soooo hard being right all the time, ha ha ). Shown here are just a few examples:

First, Here's what the cover art to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Soundtrack CD will look like. The music was composed by Hans Zimmer so you know it's gonna be great! Also, just to explain a little bit, this unusual "Bat-Logo" will be prominently featured in the film. I mean, it's already shown-up on T-Shirts and in the recent Movie Trailer.

Next, are a few "Mini-Action Figures" ( that's what I call them, not official ). These photos were shot by our Good Friend & Ace Bat-Reporter Batmobilly. He spotted these recently while shopping so they should be available in your town right now.

Last, Here is an early Prototype-Photo from McFarlane Toys showing a Sports Picks Action Figure they'll be making of "Hines Ward", a Football Player for the "Gotham Rogues" Team. Yes, he's the guy who shows up in that earlier trailer you saw for the film. The one running with the ball not knowing that the field behind him is sinking, ha!

Hey, If YOU see any brand-new Bat-Merchandise out there while you're hunting then please be sure to let us know. Our email button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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