June 24, 2012

Chuck's DENVER COMIC CON 2012 Batman Adventure!

Here are some really fun photos sent in to us by a very loyal BAT-BLOG.COM Reader named Chuck. He was pretty excited to share some news with us because he said he had just got back from his very first Comic Con that he ever attended! This is always a great thing to experience because they're just so fun. Plus, this was the 1st ever DENVER COMIC CON so it was very unique. As a side note I should say that I have heard from some other people who went and everyone said it was great. So, we're glad that Chuck got to go.

Now, here are some of his pics. The 1st one is guaranteed to completely torture all of our Readers, ha! This is a Cosplay Girl who was there as Catwoman. I totally LOVE her vinyl cat-suit, MEOW! Next up are a few other Cosplayers with equally cool costumes. We have Harley Quinn ( Arkham City version ) and The Joker, probably the best couple there. We also get to see the Riddler, Animated Series Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and another great Joker.

Chcuk got to meet a few of his personal heroes: the Legendary Comic Book Artist Neal Adams and Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of all the BATMAN Movies. Uslan was there promoting his new Biography Book, "The Boy Who loved Batman". Also, the very last photo is of some homemade Superhero Art/Crafts Toys that are pretty cool! WOW! It seriously looks like this is an event I would have loved to attend. Before I sign-out here I wanna say THANK YOU to Chuck for sharing his experience, I appreciate it.

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