May 18, 2012

Photos From The Recent 2012 ASBURY PARK COMIC CON

Here are some wonderful photos shot at the 2012 ASBURY PARK COMIC CON by our good buddy Batdave. He recently went to this event with his Girlfriend, Lisa & BFF, Dennis. Now, one thing was that was pretty cool was our good friend John of the GOTHAM CITY SUPERCAR CLUB was there & he showcased his 1966 Batmobile Replica Car for the event. It was set-up outside to sort of greet visitors to the show & the car looked great in this "vintage looking" environment. 

OK, you might notice in the 1st photo of the Car that it has a Custom "Battering-Ram" on the front. This is an homage to the episode where they originally had one of these for the car on the 1966 BATMAN TV series, very cool! The thing actually comes off the car. It's basically a Large Disc that is cushioned with leather padding on top of a pole. While the thing was removed Lisa held it upright & proclaimed that it is the "The Bat-Barstool", that's funny! Anyway, it's a cool addition to an already amazing replica. Everybody loved it!

Some of the other photos show 2 great Cosplay People who were dressed-up as the Scarecrow ( Movie Version ) and Harley Quinn ( from Batman: Arkham City ). As you can see their costumes were AMAZING! 

There is also a photo of our buddies Batdave & Dennis with those 2 guys from "THE COMIC BOOK MEN" TV Series. They were there doing promotion because that TV Show is filmed in the same state ( New Jersey ).

OK, so overall it looks like a great event that will hopefully keep growing. Whoops, did I mention this was the very 1st Asbury Park Comic Con? Sorry, yeah, this was the first show! I should also thank Batdave  for sharing his photos and a special "Thank You" also to Lisa, Dennis, & John for appearing in them.

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