May 26, 2012

New HOT WHEELS 1:50 Scale BATMOBILE CAR 3-Pack SETS by Mattel

OK, Remember the 1:50 Scale-Sized Diecast Batman BATMOBILE Cars created by Mattel? Of course you do, they were/are totally amazing! Well, our Good Friend & Ace Bat-Reporter Batmobilly spotted these extremely cool 3-Pack Sets at his local Toys-R-Us last night! 

In no particular order, the 1st Set includes: Batman Returns Batboat, 1989 Batwing, and 1989 Batmobile! The 2nd Set includes: Super Friends Batmobile, 1966 Batmobile with Trailer Hitch, and Comic Book Batmobile! The 3rd Set includes: Batman Begins Batmobile, The Dark Knight Bat-Pod, and The Dark Knight Batmobile! 

These 3-PACK SETS all retail for about $25 each & are in stores now ( Sorry, I forgot to ask if they are TRU EXCLUSIVES but I'm assuming they'll be sold everywhere. If we find out otherwise, we'll let ya know ). Thanks Batmobilly!

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Maruti ertiga said...

I like BATMAN's car.It's damn hot and stylish.