May 15, 2012

BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour BATMOBILE IN CHILE! - Wallpaper Background!

Here are a couple of totally wonderful photos sent in to us by a Friend named Meddy who lives in Chile. He was lucky enough to see the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour there the other night! In fact, it was the very last show of that country. The 1st photo is the actual real-life Batmobile Car that they use in the event. Meddy said they had it on display at a local Shopping Mall ( I'm trying to get him to steal it for me but he's too honest, ha ha ). But this car looks extremely cool so I made it into a BATMAN WALLPAPER you can use as a background to brighten your PC Desktop, enjoy.

Next, is another photo he took during the show. This is the big scene where the giant Joker-Head comes out and the "Joker Story" starts. Meddy said it was totally amazing! Oh man, I can't wait to see this thing, looks like a lot of fun!! Oh yeah, a Special THANK YOU goes out to Meddy for sharing these great pics, Thanks Meddy! )

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