April 11, 2012

Victor's Amazing BATMAN TOYS and STATUE ART Collection!

Hey People, Please be sure to scan these photos closely with your eyeballs because I promise you will see some very cool stuff! Recently, a Bat-Blog Fan named Victor was kind enough to share some photos of his wonderful BATMAN Toy Collection. He is also very much into the Statues as well. The 1st photo sort of has a 1989 Batman Movie theme to it. I remember all the merchandizing for this film and totally love this stuff. Did anybody else eat that nasty "Batman Cereal"? Victor has a sealed box! Another favorite piece is that "JOKER-Cycle". I remember that thing was pretty hard to find.

Next up is a nice assortment of 80's and 90's items, mostly "Batman: The Animated Series". I totally loved that TV show! One item that stands out here, for me anyways, is that Large 3-D Board Game. I remember buying it "new in the store". It was a HUGE BOX and the Art Deco-style graphics are beautiful.

The 3rd photo is pretty cool too and mostly features some Action Figures. I used to be a total Snob about NOT opening mine but lately I've thought they are better for display this way. Plus, the bonus is you can actually play with them! ( Not that I play "Gotham City" on the floor ). Then, speaking of "Display", Victor has this excellent Display Case he has reserved especially for his statues. Yes, these items always need extra care because they're delicate, fragile, and expensive. Now, I really love all these Statues, seriously, but two just really pop-out to me. The 1st one is that SUPER FRIENDS Maquette on the top shelf, center. That piece just brings out special childhood memories for me. The next one is on the 2nd shelf, left side. That one of Batman holding up the Batarang. That one is based on the Silver Age Artwork of Carmine Infantino. I remember when these were being sold at the Warner Bros Store. They were kind of pricey and I was broke, a bad combo, ha!

Anyways, sorry to go on and on but there's some fun stuff here. Plus, I really appreciate when Fans contribute their Bat-Collections, that's so cool! ( Thanks Victor )

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