April 27, 2012


OK, This is sort of an unusual post because I usually focus on sharing news about one product at a time but all this news came in at the same time so here we go!

First, we reported awhile back about the new BATMAN Batmobile Hot Wheels Car in the DC UNIVERSE Line by Mattel. But at that time we didn't have a photo of it because it had not been made public yet. Well, here it is! 

Next, here are some new BATMAN and ROBIN items to keep an eye out for. Here are some fun toys in the DC SUPER FRIENDS Toy Line by Fisher-Price ( also owned by Mattel ). They're called "Little People Wheelies" and the cool thing is they're only $4.00, that's smart.

Then, last but certainly not least, is a photo showing a new "bagged" Lego BATMAN Toy JETSKI! This is part of their DC UNIVERSE SUPER HEROES line. Again, smart pricing here, just $5.00.

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