April 17, 2012

GEORGE BARRIS - 1966 Batmobile Creator Seen in the National Enquirer!

Wow! We can't believe it! George Barris, the Creator of the 1966 Batmobile Car, made it into the pages of the National Enquirer! No, George has NOT been abducted by Aliens for Mind-Altering Experiments. If you grab the recent issue you can see him on page 3 surrounded by some beautiful Bat-Babes! Now, here at the BAT-BLOG we sort of know "Batgirl". Her name is Sara, she's a very sweet person and her cosplay costume is awesome! Then, there's a very pretty girl wearing a purrrfect Catwoman Cat-Suit. I think her name is Alexandra. I love the details to these costumes. Plus, it's cool that Barris is getting some mainstream press. I like the headline: GOING BATTY!

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