April 30, 2012


Here is our Good Buddy Desmond. He's a very cool little kid and what's even cooler is, he's a HUGE Batman Fan! I mean, this Kid is totally coo-coo crazy for the Dark Knight! Well, here's a photo of him that his Mom recently emailed to us because he wanted us to all see his brand-new BATMAN Shoes. These are special Converse Sneakers and you can find them at Journey's. I really like the design of these and they're perfect for children. Oh yeah, you might notice in the 1st pic that Desmond is also sporting a cool Batman Logo T-Shirt AND Bat-Sunglasses!


Anonymous said...

Hi where can I find those sneakers?

Anonymous said...

journeys website. they also have some other versions on the converse direct website

kdxpenguin1987 said...

I also bought these for my son's 3rd birthday party, even though it won't be for another 8 months. Lol...Where did you buy those adorable polka dot shoelaces? The pair I ordered came with the black and white laces.