April 18, 2012

BATMAN KYLE Saves the Day with the Help of the Arlington Texas Police and Fire Departments!

Here's a heart-warming story that will brighten everyone's day! In Arlington Texas there's a small boy named Kyle who, sadly, has leukemia and he has always wanted to be the Dark Knight. So, the Arlington Police & Fire Department got together with the "WISH FOR WINGS" Non-Profit Organization and helped Kyle live his dream in real-life for one day! ( Please be sure to check out the video down below )

A team of Volunteers dressed-up as Batman, The Joker, Riddler and so on and acted out a few "Batman events" for Kyle. The cool thing is Kyle also got to wear a Batman Costume  and be apart of the story. He got to apprehend the Joker during a "Bank Robbery", He snagged an evil Purse-Snatcher, He ruined the Riddler's plan to use a Car Bomb , and then his day ended with the Arlington Police Chief handing him the key to the city as a reward for his bravery. WOW! Congratulations Kyle!

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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paradave said...

That has to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen!