March 19, 2012


We recently got an email where a Guy who lives in the UK named Wayne ( Not Bruce Wayne ) and he sent us some photos of his BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE STATUE Collection...AWESOME! He said he has every statue made since they began. If I remember right, there are 41 of them so far, maybe 42. I really like these and it's great to see them all together. There's such a nice variety. ( Hey Wayne - Thanks for sharing your fun pics! ).


javi said...

Awesome collection ! I stopped by the 10th of them or so... Sorry to say he appears to just have Mignola's Batman V2 (I have 1st ed here and it chest logo is just the bat + rim on the base is black like others' bases)

By the time I stoppe collecting them Mike's rendition of batman was the hardest (and thus, expensive) to find.

Wayne said...

Hello this is Wayne who's collection this is, The Mignola Version 1 is in the collection too, just hard to see on the pictures. I have still got every one released and just got Bane and the Batman beyond. As said in the post, I bought each one on the day of original release, which started many years ago. At one stage I was going to sell the collection as a complete lot but never did.

Joseph DiCupillo said...

THAT IS AWESOME. I only have the Frank Quietly one so far but plan on getting more. Are you still keeping up with the line and collecting? How many are there now anyway?!