March 6, 2012

Some Brand-New & Unusual BATMAN ITEMS in Stores Now!

OK, We just got 2 very nice reports fro a few Friends who have spotted some weird & wacky pieces of BATMAN Merchandise that are in stores now! The 1st pic is from our Good Pal Christopher Franchi & he saw this Fisher-Price DC SUPER FRIENDS Batman (with ATV) Action Figure at Wal-Mart. He said that it was NOT in the regular toy area, but in the "Holiday Section". I'm guessing they're marketing it as an Easter Basket item.

Next, is an extremely fun photo sent to us by Ace Bat-Reporter BatDave! Here are some very cool Batman-themed School Supplies his Girlfriend spotted at Target! They have Bat-Folders & Notebooks with Classic Comic Book artwork! He also said they were on Clearance too, a great deal, grab them while you can! Hey, if YOU spot any new BATMAN merchandise out there in the stores then please let us know.

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