March 10, 2012

Robert's Amazing BATMAN TRIBUTE WALL MURAL - Art Painting

Please scan your eyeballs across this amazing artwork! Awhile back I got a message from a Bat-Blog Fan who said he was painting a BATMAN TRIBUTE mural on his wall. I asked him to send some completed photos when he was finished, this is what I got! WOW! Robert, you did an incredible job on this... It looks great!! OK, now you can NEVER ever move. OK, I guess you could, but you would have to figure out how to remove that wall & take it with you, ha!

I instantly recognized the art that was used. It was the cover to Detective Comics #627, which was the 600th appearance of the Dark Knight in that title. So, DC Comics did a special "Anniversary" cover. I've shown it here as an example & you can see what a great job Robert did on this. ( Thanks for sharing your pics Rob! ). OK, if any other Bat-Blog Readers do anything creative, anything, then please send us some pics too.

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