March 9, 2012

New Photos - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Masters Action Figures by Mattel

Here are some cool prototype pics of the 2012 Movie Masters Action Figures for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Film. OK, first off I wanna apologize for the tiny pictures but this is what I got. Hey, they still give you a good idea of what some of the figures will look like, ha! The 2 characters shown here, left to right, are Policeman John Blake ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) and Trusted Butler, Alfred ( Michael Caine ). The faces look pretty good! For some reason I really like the "Alfred" figure. Plus, we get to see the special clam-shell "DARK KNIGHT RISES" packaging... not bad! Now of course they'll be making Bane, Catwoman, and many other characters. Hopefully they'll make a cool "Commissioner James Gordon" toy! Please stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM and as soon as we have more pics then we'll get them posted.

As a side note:
I wanna ask all you Loyal Readers out there that if you see ANY brand-new pieces of Bat-Merchandise then please let us know. It can be related to the DKR movie or just anything Batman-related. Remember, the main purpose of this site is sharing the joy of collecting fun Batman stuff. Thanks!

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